Turkish Delight Roll with Chocolate & Milk Flavor – Coated with Kadaifi

Finest Turkish Delight

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Pistachio delight has given you a unique taste with its chocolate filling and milk flavor, and it is also made unforgettable and unique with kadaifi coating…



Loqhum Delight, is a soft, delicate and gelatinous dessert flavored with various varieties of mixed nuts and condiments. This exquisite sweet, known as Turkish delight all over the world, was renewed by our chefs to provide a unique balance of flavor, texture, and consistency through traditional recipes. The “abhisa” dessert, discovered by Persians thousands of years ago, is known as the inspiration for Turkish delight. This taste was shaped by a different production style and aroma by the Turks, and it has been identified with the Turks over time and it is now called “Turkish Delight”.

Indulge in the delicate decadence of our Turkish
delights, by Loqhum.

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Additional information

Additional information


11lbs – 5kg



Coated with



May contain pistachio or other nuts.
It might contain nut shells.
Keep cool and dry.

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