Loqhum Delight, is a soft, delicate and gelatinous dessert flavored with various varieties of mixed nuts and condiments.


Loqhum is a California based company established to deliver the fine confectionary item, our original creations of Turkish Delights. Through the extended courtesy of our staff for our customers, we have been able to provide a wide range of selections using a traditional technique catering to any and all crowds that we have had the pleasure to greet. We are delighted to continue to create and produce quality ensured varieties of our desserts. We welcome all customers to provide us with any feedback or suggestions for future inspirations!

This exquisite sweet, known as Turkish delight all over the world, was renewed
by our chefs to provide a unique balance of flavor, texture, and consistency through traditional recipes. The “abhisa” dessert, discovered by Persians
thousands of years ago, is known as the inspiration for Turkish delight. This taste was shaped by a different production style and aroma by the Turks, and it has been identified with the Turks over time and it is now called “Turkish Delight”.

Indulge in the delicate decadence of our Turkish delights, by Loqhum.

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